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Ansys Fluent Meshing with Watertight Geometry Workflow (Self-paced Learning Available)

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to provide instruction on the use of the guided meshing workflow for Watertight Geometry with clean CAD in Ansys Fluent Meshing.   Unlike the standard Fluent Meshing workflow, the guided workflow directs users through a step-by-step process of simple, intuitive inputs. Behind the scenes, Fluent Meshing uses built-in intelligence and automation to create a high quality CFD mesh.   The workflow includes automatic extraction of flow volumes from solid CAD models handle highly complex models, provided the starting point is a watertight CAD model. As a result of being so easy to use, the Watertight Geometry workflow makes it possible for all users to take advantage of the full single window workflow in Fluent, from geometry import to meshing to solving and post-processing.



  • This course assumes that you have completed the Ansys Fluent Getting Started course.

Target Audience: 

Engineers and Designers

Teaching Method: 

Lectures and computer practical sessions to validate acquired knowledge.

Self-paced Learning:

Complete a class on your own schedule at your own pace. Scope is equivalent to Instructor led classes. Includes video lecture, workshops and input files. All our Self-Paced video courses are only available with an Ansys Learning Hub subscription. Register for a subscription using the tab below or contact for more information.

Learning Path


Learning Outcome

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 Available Dates

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Learning Options

Training materials for this course are available with an Ansys Learning Hub Subscription.


This is a self-paced training course only, covering self-paced videos and workshops.

Ansys Fluent Meshing with Clean CAD Workflow Module 1: Demonstration of Single Window Clean CAD Meshing Workflow End-to-End Solution
Demonstration of End-to-End Single Window Workflow in Ansys Fluent
(Optional) Basic SpaceClaim Skills to Enhance Usage of the Watertight Geometry workflow
Ball Valve

 Introduction and Overview of Clean CAD Meshing Workflow
Videos: Overview of Watertight Geometry Meshing Workflow

Local Sizing and Surface Mesh
Videos: Local Sizing and Surface Mesh
Workshops: Static Mixer

Geometry Description
Videos: Geometry Description
Workshops: Mixing Tank

Volume Mesh
Videos: Volume Mesh
Workshops: Meshing a Commercial Aircraft Body for External Aero Flow Calculation

Custom Journal Task for Periodic Meshing of a Generic Combustor
Videos: Custom Journal Task for Periodic Meshing of a Generic Combustor

Augmenting the Workflow with Tree Operations
Workflow-Tree Comparison
Surface Mesh Display Operations
Creating Capping Surfaces with Edge Loops
Examining and Improving the Surface Mesh
Previewing the Size Field
Examining and Improving the Volume Mesh
Fixing Shared Topology with the Join Operation