ARINC 661 or Not - Making the Right Architecture Choice for Cockpit Display Systems - Webinar

The ARINC 661 standard for the design of Cockpit Display System (CDS) interfaces (// has been adopted on a large variety of commercial and military aircraft programs worldwide, and is mandated by emerging standards such as FACE for the U.S. DoD (// Avionics suppliers often follow different strategies for deploying ARINC 661 in the cockpit, depending on the interactive nature and criticality of avionics functions.

Join Vincent Rossignol, member of the ARINC 661 CDS subcommittee, to:
  • Have an overview of the current and future usages of the ARINC 661 standard in commercial and military aircraft programs worldwide
  • Discover how avionics suppliers often follow a mixed strategy with respect to the deployment of ARINC 661
  • Understand the pros and cons of ARINC 661 with respect to traditional approaches for the design of cockpits
  • Learn how SCADE model-based solutions efficiently support the design of both ARINC 661 (including full support of latest Supplement 5) and non-ARINC 661 cockpit display systems

ARINC 661 or not: SCADE is the right choice for Cockpit Display Systems.