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Ansys 2020 R2: Achieve Full Digital Continuity Across ALM & MBSE

Modern automobiles, aircraft and other complex products are composed of multiple electronic components, perfectly integrated to provide mission-critical functionality. Underlying these advanced systems are millions of lines of embedded code that ensure their flawless operation under every operating scenario. To meet the highest safety standards and comply with regulatory guidelines, software engineers must follow rigorous processes.

Solutions exist to manage this challenge: (1) combining all business processes associated with the software lifecycle (ALM approach), and (2) raising the level of abstraction to master such complexity (model-based systems engineering, or MBSE, approaches).

This joint webinar provided by Ansys and Siemens Digital Industries Software demonstrates how full digital continuity can be achieved by combining these two approaches.

Learn how a requirement-based flow can be set up by combining textual requirements and a model-based approach together with synchronization of ALM business processes. This can be achieved with traceability from high-level software requirements down to the software models that generate the safety-critical software.

This webinar shows how you can:

  • Accelerate production of proof for safety standard material and audits
  • Reduce risks with global impact analysis
  • Provide a full end-to-end traceability flow from system requirements down to implementation and testing




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