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CFD in Microfluidics and Biomedical Devices

Providing healthcare access to people living in poverty across the world could dramatically improve global well-being, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, many diagnostic devices are cost-prohibitive and difficult to deploy in the field under extremely challenging conditions where sophisticated laboratory facilities and trained technicians are scarce. Disruptive diagnostic technologies based on paper-microfluidics have been successfully developed and are currently being deployed in rural healthcare centers, catering to the needs of the under-served population.

In this webinar, we discuss the underlying scientific premises of fluid dynamics on a paper matrix and provide illustrative examples of portable medical devices for ultralow-cost pathological diagnostics from one drop of body fluid, using optimized microfluidic protocols in conjunction with smartphone-enabled machine-learning-augmented image analytics. We further showcase the real-life use of these devices in extremely harsh environments with uncontrolled dirt, dust, humidity and temperature — conditions in which traditional diagnostic technologies do not work. This disruptive technology could give new hope to millions of poor and deprived people in the underprivileged world.




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