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Ansys Additive: Simulation vs. Experiments - How do Ansys Solutions Stack Up?

There are many solutions in the market for simulating the additive manufacturing process for metals. The complex physics involved and the range of length and time scales all require approximations and simplifications in order to obtain results in a timely fashion to affect design decisions. Ansys is a leader in helping companies adopt and maximize additive manufacturing to its fullest potential by using upfront simulation rather than very expensive trial and error. Ansys provides a suite of tools aimed at the FE analyst, the machine operator and the materials scientist so that the entire additive chain can be optimized.

An approximate solution, however, is only as good as the evidence to back it up. Attend this webinar to learn the methodology behind extensive validations that Ansys has performed to compare our solution results against published experimental and real additively printed parts, with excellent agreement in each case.




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