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Accuracy and Speed for Scale-Resolving Simulations of Automotive

Aerodynamics is playing an ever-increasing role in the development of cars and trucks. The introduction of stricter emissions legislation and test procedures combined with more sensors and other technologies results in a greater need to predict the effects of aerodynamics. The ever-increasing number of models and vehicle shapes also contributes to the need for fast and accurate aerodynamic simulations. But achieving fast and accurate aerodynamics simulations together is a major challenge. 

Hybrid RANS-LES simulations have become popular for aerodynamic simulations of vehicles in the last decade, as they provide high accuracy at a reasonable cost. But defining the coupling between RANS and LES can significantly affect the results and accuracy.

In this webinar, some of the most commonly used Hybrid RANS-LES models, including SBES, are investigated for the DrivAer reference car body. Various rear-end shapes and flow conditions are investigated to see how the models can capture the differences. Because Hybrid RANS-LES simulations can be computationally costly compared to RANS, we also discuss methods of reducing this computational cost.

Key message:

  1. Fast and accurate aerodynamic simulations are needed during aerodynamic development.
  2. There exist several Hybrid RANS-LES methods, but which one is most suitable for aerodynamic predictions?
  3. Hybrid RANS-LES simulations can be rather computationally costly. In this webinar a method of reducing the cost without losing too much accuracy is discussed.

Speaker: Petter Ekman, Postdoctoral Researcher at Linköping University


What Attendees Will Learn

  • Which are the suitable Hybrid RANS-LES models for accurate aerodynamic simulations.
  • Why and how do these models differ and how does that affect the simulation accuracy.
  • How the cost of Hybrid RANS-LES simulations can be lowered and what effect it will have on the accuracy.




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