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Accelerating Traction Motor Design for xEVs using Ansys Motor-CAD

The traction motor is a key component in electric vehicles/hybrid electric vehicles (EVs/HEVs). Designing a highly efficient and cost-effective traction motor is challenging. It is "a true multiphysics problem," which requires precise attribute balancing across all the physics platforms. These interconnected attributes increase dependency across all departments, with the ultimate goal of "efficient and robust E Machine development." Ansys Motor-CAD, a comprehensive solution for robust, efficient traction motor design, enables engineers to design motors for real-world operating conditions with a wide variety of loads and manufacturing variability.

Watch this webinar to learn about Ansys solutions for traction motor design and simulation, including the following topics:

  • Key challenges to traction motor design
  • Front-loading design decisions early in the development stage
  • EV traction motor design workflow
  • EV traction motors: finite element analysis
  • Coupled EMAG – thermal analysis
  • How Ansys solutions can help in speeding up the traction motor design development cycle




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