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Date: 07/20/2021


Freefall Aerospace Uses Ansys HFSS to Design Innovative Antenna System

FreeFall Aerospace is committed to developing better ways to move the data that connect people, places, and things. Ansys HFSS helps make that possible. Freefall’s team had to overcome a number of challenges. Not the least of which were the limitations in high-fidelity simulation software, difficulty in meshing of structures and the ability to model an antenna with the best accuracy.

HFSS automated the process of determining the proper mesh and that has decreased preparation time and increased accuracy of results for a given amount of time. They were even able to build complete models in HFSS which allows them to move directly into the prototyping stage with confidence. 

Watch this video to learn how Ansys HFSS enabled Freefall Aerospace to expedite the development process and create a more valuable product.






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