Shanghai Fangkun Software Technology Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Fangkun Software Technology Ltd. was authorized by Livermore Software Technology (LST, an Ansys company) as the domestic master distributor of LS-DYNA software on June 1, 2018. Shanghai Fangkun is fully responsible for domestic sales, marketing, technical support. By integrating and managing a wide range of resources such as LS-DYNA agents and partners, Shanghai Fangkun is focus on providing a strong technical support for domestic LS-DYNA users and help customers to effectively use LS-DYNA software for product design and development.

Based on the strong technical support and developing capability from LST (an Ansys company), Shanghai Fangkun attracts a group of top LS-DYNA application engineers and commit to provide LS-DYNA technical support in the automotive industry, electronics industry, rock-soil, aerospace, general machinery and other industries. Shanghai Fangkun devotes to providing all products of LSTC including LS-DYNA, LS-OPT, LS-PREPOST, LS-TASC and LSTC FEA models (dummies model, pedestrian model, etc).

In the meantime, Shanghai Fangkun will focus on secondary development and process customization of LS-DYNA and its application process. In view of domestic users’ customization requirement, Shanghai Fangkun will concentrate on customizing custom interface based on LS-PREPOST processing platform, to adjust, standardize and analyzes specific process, improve the efficiency in application, reduce human error, accumulate experience of engineering application, improve customer R&D and competition capabilities.

Shanghai Fangkun will keep mission firmly in mind, devote to improving user satisfaction of LS-DYNA and providing high-quality technical support and engineering consulting services for users.