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ANSYS Fluids 2020 R1 Update


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EST)

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Anyone can get great CFD simulation results with ANSYS solutions. The latest innovations and updates simplify and speed setup and meshing while adding even more accurate physical models. The outcome: great results, without compromise.

ANSYS Fluent is easier to use

A streamlined workflow enables anyone to set up complex multiphase simulations in Fluent. A single tabbed panel organizes multiphase setup into a logical, step by step flow that even novice users can follow. For a benchmark gas-liquid pipe flow simulation, the new multiphase setup is 25% faster while eliminating the need to find and interact with 17 separate software locations.

More ANSYS CFD solutions:

  • AIAD model accurately simulates complex multiphase regime transitions
  • Detailed electrochemistry model optimizes lithium-ion battery cells
  • ANSYS CFX Harmonic Analysis is 2X faster, expanded to multifrequency analysis
  • Complex fluid–structure interactions are faster and easier to set up and solve

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