Joins us for an ANSYS Webinar

Ansaldo Energia — Managing Materials Data for Error-Free Component Design


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EST)

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Materials data is a critical asset for high-performance engineering enterprises. These data are expensive to produce, and small errors lead to large variations in product lifetime and quality. In this webinar, discover how power generation leader, Ansaldo Energia, has implemented systematic materials data management — using ANSYS GRANTA MI — to increase efficiency and help ensure the error-free design of its gas turbine components.
You will learn:

  • Why materials data are a strategic asset for the business
  • How to overcome the challenges of managing and using materials data for design and simulation
  • How materials data management is reducing risk and helping to ensure product quality
  • Which new features have been added to GRANTA MI 2020

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