Hydrodynamic Assessment Event

Hydrodynamic Assessment with ANSYS Aqwa


10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (CST)

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15915 Katy Freeway
Suite 550
Houston, TX 77094

Anthony Williams

ANSYS Aqwa software addresses the vast majority of analysis requirements associated with hydrodynamic assessment of all types of offshore an marine structures. These include SPARs, FPSOs, Semi-submersibles, Tension leg platforms, Ships, Renewable energy devices and Breakwaters.

The most significant result of this is found in the ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise product, which made available a whole range of additional capabilities as a result of merging previously separate products with ANSYS Mechanical. Of particular interest to companies involved in offshore oil and gas activities is the inclusion of the ANSYS Aqwa Hydrodynamic suite that enables both generation of hydrodynamic loads on large floating structures and global motions performance including moorings or other physical connections.

This session will present how Aqwa can be utilized as part of the overall design process for offshore structures.


  • Introduction of the ANSYS Aqwa Hydrodynamic capabilities
  • Conventional moored Truss Spar
  • Dynamically positioned semi-submersible
  • Demonstration using a semi-submersible production platform

Two workshops can be undertaken for those interested.

  • FPSO turret mooring system
  • Hydrodynamic load mapping to Mechanical

This is a complementary event for all attendees.

Lunch will be provided.