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ANSYS公司成立于1970年,目前雇员人数近3000人,其中大部分是有限元分析、计算流体动力学、电子、半导体、嵌入式软件和设计优化等领域的专家硕士和博士工程师。ANSYS的杰出员工热衷于推进世界一流的仿真技术,让我们的客户能够将他们的设计理念以更低成本、更快地转化为成功的创新产品。 作为衡量公司成功实现上述目标的一大指标,ANSYS已被享誉盛名的 《商业周刊》《财富》评定为世界上最具创新性的公司之一。


What We Do


  • 开发或并购最好的技术;
  • 整合成能够求解复杂多物理场的统一可定制仿真平台;
  • 为管理仿真流程和数据提供高性能计算(HPC)和云解决方案等系统服务。

Culture and values are incredibly important to ANSYS. They inform us of who we are as a company and how we should act. Values are not posters hanging on a wall with trite or glib slogans. They are not a set of rules and regulations. They cannot just be handed down throughout the organization. They are shared beliefs — guideposts that we all follow when we are facing a challenge or a decision. Our values tell us how we live our lives and how we approach our jobs. Our values are crucial for fostering a culture of winning in our company:

Customer Focus

Customer focus — Our customers come first because we can only be successful when we make our customers successful. This is what we do. This is why we are here. We view the world through the lens of our customers' challenges, and we align our resources to help them succeed. Every decision we make — from budgeting to prioritizing to hiring — must be done with the customer in mind.

Results and Accountability

Results and Accountability — We act with our overall goal in mind. Because we are constantly measuring and evaluating our progress, we can quickly adjust when we find room for improvement. We are personally accountable for the decisions we make, and we always strive to do the right thing for ANSYS and our customers. We challenge each other to perform, and we expect our colleagues to tell us when they believe we are making a poor choice.


Innovation — We know that being a market leader means we must be constantly innovating. Our customers are depending on us to develop new solutions so they can drive innovation across their industries. We are passionate about expanding our technology into new areas to benefit our customers. But innovation goes beyond technology. We are also constantly rethinking our processes to continue to drive our leadership.

Transparency and Integrity

Transparency and Integrity — Everything we do — from sales to advertising to accounting — we do honestly and in the best interests of ANSYS. We do not have hidden agendas or conditions, as integrity and ethical conduct must be stitched into the fabric of our daily business. We encourage collaboration and full transparency in our decision-making. We share information through clear and honest communications — especially when the message is a difficult one.


Mastery — We are the best in the business, and we are recognized for our expertise. Customers seek us out because of our mastery of simulation and the industries we serve. Everything we do — from building products to selling solutions to consulting with customers to running the business — we do with expertise, knowledge and passion.


Inclusiveness — We know that our diversity makes us stronger. We believe in the value of a large variety of individual backgrounds and perspectives — in fact, we go out of our way to seek them. We respect other opinions and ideas — not just because it benefits us, but because it is the right thing to do.

Sense of Urgency

Sense of Urgency — We know that in the business world, things move quickly. Our customers cannot wait and neither can we. We are proactive. We make decisions quickly to drive successful outcomes, but we do so in a responsible manner.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Collaboration and Teamwork — We come from different walks of life and work in different departments, but we partner to solve our customers' problems. We speak different languages and have different opinions, but we work together to develop and provide the most amazing simulation solutions available. We live on different continents and have studied different subjects in school, but we come together as ONE ANSYS.

在世界各地使用ANSYS软件的客户超过40,000家,其中包括96家来自《财富》 500强名单上排名前100位的工业企业。我们的客户涉及的行业范围广泛,包括航空航天、汽车、电子、能源、材料和化学处理、涡轮机械、消费类产品、医疗保健、体育等。


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