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Teaching the Multi-Disciplinary Design of Drones

For educators looking to expand courses in design, mechanical engineering or product design curriculum, be sure to sign up for this upcoming webinar.

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About this Webinar

This webinar showcases the different multi-physics simulation capabilities of Ansys Discovery based on a quadcopter design. This presentation will include an example of how educators can have their students practice the concepts of 3D design modeling, topology optimization, modal and thermal analyses, material selection, and computational fluid dynamics within the same course. We'll highlight the power of live physics simulation and early-stage design exploration and utilize students' considerable skills and knowledge for project work.

What Attendees Will Learn

  1. How to rapidly prepare models for simulation by iterating, innovating, and gauging design performance
  2. How to apply live multi-physics simulation
  3. How to embed for each component material selection with Ansys tools
  4. How to connect Ansys Discovery to Ansys flagship software for detailed mechanical, thermofluidic and electromagnetic analysis


  • János Plocher
  • Luca Masi
  • Nick Stefani