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Design and Optimization of Photonic Integrated Circuits and Components - Part 2

Sign up for our two-part webinar series to see how designers can optimize foundry-compatible photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and design purpose-built active and passive photonic components, utilizing optiSLang and Lumerical’s Photonic Inverse Design (PID).


Oct 4, 2022

9 PM EDT / 2 AM BST (10/5) / 6:30 AM IST (10/5)

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About this Webinar

Design and optimization of photonic integrated circuits and components – Part 2

Components designers will learn how to design active photonic components using Ansys Lumerical Multiphysics Suite and optiSLang. A ring modulator will be created from scratch using Multiphysics simulation with FDTD, MODE, CHARGE, and optiSLang.

What You Will Learn

  • How to perform Mutliphysics simulation of active photonic components with Ansys Lumerical
  • Use optiSLang to drive Multiphysics simulations using the Lumerical module
  • How to optimize active photonic components with Ansys Lumerical and optiSLang
  • Instantiate complicated foundry-compatible layouts quickly

Who should attend

  • Optical and photonic designers and engineers


Khashayar Ghaffari