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Enabling 6G Technologies

Discover how to implement accurate physics-based digital twins by leveraging the NVIDIA Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin (AODT) platform with Ansys Perceive EM to extract AI/ML Synthetic Data for 6G communications research and design. Join our webinar to explore 6G’s challenges and future.


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As 5G technology continues its global expansion, extensive research is already laying the groundwork for 6G. With a focus on achieving faster speeds, lower latency, expanded capacity, and pioneering new applications, deploying 6G networks presents engineers with numerous challenges. Addressing these challenges requires innovative solutions, such as implementing physics-accurate digital twins. These digital twins enable researchers to model entire communication systems, ranging from integrated circuits to the complex environments in which they operate.

This webinar will showcase how Ansys solutions can facilitate modeling advanced antenna array designs and their functionality in real-world scenarios. This capability is made possible through our cutting-edge HFSS 3D Component Array technology, which excels in accurately and efficiently simulating complex antenna arrays. Furthermore, we introduce Ansys Perceive EM, . aAn API-driven, GPU-accelerated, shooting, and bouncing rays solver offerings precise wireless channel modeling. By integrating Ansys Perceive EM withinto NVIDIA’s AODT system-level simulation platform  and Omniverse platforms platform, researchers gain access to advanced visualization tools and precise simulations of wireless channel responses, meeting the multi-scale simulation requirements essential for 6G development.

What attendees will learn

  • Challenges in the design and implementation of 6G networks
  • Advanced antenna simulation techniques for 5G/6G arrays
  • Simulating a physics-based model of the RF channel
  • Introduction to the NVIDIA AODT platform, built on Omniverse,for 6G digital twin simulation with Ansys Perceive EM 
  • Extraction of AI/ML synthetic data for 6G communications research

Who should attend

  • Communication Researchers in 6G
  • Data scientist and AI/ML researchers
  • RF and antenna engineers


  • Shawn Carpenter
  • Arien Sligar
  • Sara Louie