Transient Time Savings Tips & Tricks

ANSYS Mechanical - Time Saving for Static and Transient Analysis | Tips & Tricks Webinar

19 mars 2019

10:00AM - 11:00AM (EDT)

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ANSYS Customer Excellence Support Team

The main intent of this webinar is to cover some numerical setup that can affect solution time and hardware requirements. Given a setup for either non linear static or non linear transient, attendees will learn how to optimize simulation time, while keeping a good accuracy.


  1. Direct and iterative solvers
  2. Ill conditioning , convergence and accuracy
  3. Paralellization & load balancing
  4. Solution statistics (memory, time spent in each step, scratch file size I/O amount read written)
  5. Overall optimization summary

Presenter Bio

PierrePierre Louat

Pierre holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering from École Catholique des Arts et Métiers (ECAM). With 30 years of experience in ANSYS Mechanical, technical training, support and consulting, Pierre helps worldwide ANSYS customers understand all mechanical facets from hardware configuration requirements to end users best practises that will optimize their engineering simulation processes.

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