Ansys Stories and Viewpoints on Engineering Simulation

Learn the role engineering simulation plays in the most important news and trends affecting our world today.

The New Normal

Simulation's Pandemic Response

HVAC Simulation Can Improve Safety in Public Spaces

In today’s world, engineers and architects increasingly employ engineering simulation to enable the design of public spaces to meet safety, energy-efficiency and sustainability goals within strict project timelines.

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How One Simulation Can Save a Business

Ansys Discovery is used for airflow simulation to help a CrossFit gym re-open during the pandemic.

Additive Manufacturing Meets COVID-19 Supply Chain Challenges

The strength of additive manufacturing has been on display during the pandemic while supply chain logistics snarled and traditional manufacturing stalled.

Ansys Cloud on Microsoft Azure Is Vital During the Pandemic

With Ansys VDI technology, any computer with an internet connection can be turned into a high-powered workstation capable of pre- and post-processing simulations. 

Simulation and Sustainability

Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Vertical Farming is Coming to a Store Near You

Semi-autonomous vertical farms offer fresh, healthy food options by bringing food production closer to consumers.

Embrace the Positive Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles

Learn how transportation companies are racing to embrace the reduced environmental impact of electric vehicles.

Generating Hydrogen for Energy Storage

Ansys CFD aids engineers in developing an energy storage solution using hydrogen.

Best Practices

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Engineer Perception, Prediction and Planning into ADAS

See how advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) can be analyzed using Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR.

How SOTIF Is Raising the Bar on Automotive Safety

Learn how the Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF) standard addresses automotive safety performance.

UL 4600: Making the Case for Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Engineers can use UL 4600 as a roadmap to accelerate their autonomous vehicle development safety efforts.

Materials Intelligence

Manage Materials Data and Information

When Polymers Are More Than Just Plastic

See how Kärcher uses Ansys Granta MI to consolidate and manage materials data.

Best Practices for Managing Materials

Materials information management can be fast and easy with the right tools and workflow

Take Simulation to the Next Level with Accurate Materials Data

Ansys Granta Materials Data for Simulation is a dataset of over 700 materials — including metals, plastics, polymers, composites, magnetic materials, ceramics and more — with properties specifically chosen to support Ansys simulations.

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