Process Equipment

Process Equipment

Engineering simulation for material and chemical processing equipment from ANSYS have helped engineers, and process equipment designers, manufacturers and operators to accelerate new product designs, reduce emissions and other environmental impacts, improve quality and reliability, make processes more energy-efficient, enhance safety, and make plants and processes more flexible.

ANSYS solutions have the power to address all engineering aspects of product design, including structural mechanics for process equipment design for failure analysis, fitness for service, vibrational analysis and CFD for material and chemical process equipment dealing with fluid mechanics, thermal, multiphase, reaction and transport, as well as design of power electronic and electric machines including electromagnetic effects, fluid–structure interaction, electro-mechanical systems, vibration, material effects (fatigue, erosion, fracture), etc. These full-capability multiphysics solutions allow you to address all your engineering concerns in a single integrated environment — from CAD import to proof of concept, prototyping, final design validation and manufacturing.

ANSYS engineering simulation for material and chemical processing equipment software solution and services deliver a unique combination of diverse and robust functionality, advanced technology, and ease of use and deployment that brings the power of virtual prototyping — once thought to be confined to the aircraft and automobile industries — to process engineers and equipment designers.

Process Valve

Temperature contours of process valve.
Image courtesy of CAD-FEM Russia