Measurement and Control

Engineers focusing on measurement and control systems — including valves, flow meters, sensors, filters and pumps — face special challenges: They are tasked to ensure a perfect level of accuracy while working with complex systems and multiple physical effects

ANSYS Software engineering simulation for measurement and control systems can help these engineers to simulate the performance of many measurement and control systems — at an incredible level of detail. Related computational fluid dynamics – CFD for valve and flow meter design capabilities from ANSYS support these professionals as they model and assess structures and flows, working to create innovative measurement and control systems with applications in a wide range of industries.

Velocity Streamline

Velocity contours on a section of the valve reveal swirling flow.
Image courtesy of Control Components Inc.

Physical and thermal stresses, aperture sizes, flow volumes, multidirectional flow patterns and fluctuating pressures can all be modeled using ANSYS engineering simulation for flow measurement and control and instrumentation tools in a dynamic simulation environment enables engineers to replicates real-world operating conditions. Software from ANSYS including CFD for valve and flow meter design, FEA simulation for measurement and control are used to model the acoustical effects of various measurement and control devices.

Powerful engineering simulation for measurement and control systems from ANSYS can help engineers to develop and improve all types of instrumentations and measurement and control devices.