Reduce Fuel Burn, Increase Machine Efficiency

To reduce fuel burn or increase efficiency, developers look at all components and disciplines that could impact machine performance: turbine, compressor, combustor, inlet and exhaust as well as aero/hydrodynamics, thermal, combustion, mechanical and dynamics effects.

The challenges involve trade-offs: for example increasing loading without sacrificing range; reducing weight but maintaining strength and durability; and increasing firing temperatures without sacrificing reliability, increasing cost or adding complexity.

The ANSYS integrated toolset spans all the relevant physics, with associated turbomachinery-specific pre- and post-processing, all in an integrated environment. The software speeds the development of a high-efficiency, high-performance primary flow path, effective secondary flow paths, high-temperature low-emission combustors, stable and reliable rotating assemblies, and components optimized for long life and tolerant to prescribed variations in loads and thermal conditions. 

ANSYS tools are optimized to deliver high performance in modern computing environments, yielding the high-fidelity simulations required by turbomachinery designers.

Reduce Fuel Burn