With production fields in challenging locations and remote sites, costs to move products from wellhead to storage to market escalate — and engineering challenges become more complex. Increasing natural gas and oil production from new liquid resources requires new pipelines, rail tanks, and storage facilities. Updating aging infrastructure is also needed.

Innovative engineering simulation for oil and gas transport and storage help the industries’ entire supply chain meet its diverse challenges. ANSYS CFD for oil and gas and Structural Mechanics for oil and gas software solutions meet the storage and transport modeling requirements including multiphase pipe flows, pipeline integrity, gas processing and compression, LNG and FLNG, and other multiphysics engineering applications associated with oil and gas transportation and storage.

By applying solutions that cover multiple physics in a virtual environment, engineers cost-effectively identify any source of failure: potential leakage, buckling, condensation, corrosion and erosion. Midstream companies use ANSYS engineering simulation for oil and gas transport and storage early in the project planning and design. As a result, companies are able to plan reliable problem resolution strategies, before significant investments are made.


  • LNG and FLNG
  • Pipelines
  • Storage


ANSYS solutions are used for plant safety analysis, equipment design for natural gas processing, liquefaction, transport and re-gasification. In addition, ANSYS simulation software and capabilities are enabling efficient design and transfer of technology from LNG to floating LNG applications. The detailed analysis and the reliable high quality simulations drive decisions in safety, gas dispersion, equipment design, transport, and design and placement of loading and receiving stations, as well as process and new technology development.

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ANSYS structural mechanics  solutions are used to perform linear and non-linear analysis of pipeline  failure, buckling, soil-pipe interaction, and bolted, treated and welded connections. In addition ANSYS provides integrated solutions for fluid mechanics to study pipeline leaks, erosion, and transient multiphase analysis of gas–sand and liquid across a range of flow regimes.

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Tank and pressure vessel design, blending, roll over, bypassing and short circuiting studies with ANSYS leads to safer and more cost effective design and operation of oil and gas storage and transport facilities and equipment.

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