Streamline Product Design for Reliability

Building reliability into product design is the key to drive operational excellence and profitability, reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary downtime, and decrease over-design and unplanned maintenance. Creating smart intervention and prevention strategies is also critical.

Fluid Catalytic Cracking unit

Structural mechanics analysis of a Fluid Catalytic Cracking unit.

Though the engineering challenges are considerable, ANSYS simulation software offers integrated tools that consider all applicable physics, so you can meet your project targets.

Companies use ANSYS comprehensive solutions in fluid-mechanical analyses to reduce the high cost of product failure, reduce power requirements, upgrade older technology for new applications, and extend the service life of existing products. ANSYS' robust electronic solutions are applied to the design and analysis of sensors, advanced electronics for the digital oil field (including LWD and MWD), and smart production equipment.

Structural mechanics analysis of a Fluid Catalytic Cracking unit.

An ANSYS hallmark is our multi-disciplinary approach to product development. It includes best-in-class single physics competencies in computational fluid mechanics (CFD), structural mechanics (FEA) and high- and low-frequency electromagnetics. The integrated framework offers a multiphysics system view so you can perform traditionally sequential tasks in parallel, and study how interactions between components or subsystems affect overall quality targets.

Leading companies achieve insight-driven innovation along with cost reduction that comes from reduced physical testing and late-stage failure costs.