Refiners and processors look to modernization, flex processes and advanced technologies to manage aging assets, varying crude, and greater demand for cleaner, higher-value intermediates. But modifying existing plants, designing processes, and building new upgrading units, cokers and flex-fuel equipment are capital-intensive. Engineering simulation is invaluable in accessing technology concepts, extending equipment life, and reducing maintenance and downtime. ANSYS technology helps oil and gas engineering teams address complex issues associated with new systems design, upgrades, retrofits, and improved flow measurement and control equipment and electronics.

Our multiphysics software enables a systems-level perspective on sources of failure such as erosion/corrosion, flow maldistribution, vibration and fatigue. Fluid–thermal, fluid–mechanical and electro-mechanical analyses identify accurate design and placement of sensors and wireless devices, satisfying signal integrity and reliability targets. By revealing the root causes of potential failure, ANSYS can help you identify problems at an early design stage, before significant investments have been made.


  • Pollution Control
  • Reactor Design
  • Upgrading

Pollution Control

Emissions and pollution from industrial processes are areas of intense global focus. Engineers today work on innovative ways to reduce, capture and control many undesirable byproducts. Energy and process industry companies use ANSYS solutions to assist them in areas related to clean air and water, sustainable design, vapor capture, flaring equipment,  and carbon reduction and capture. Environmental stewardship enables many companies to drive process optimization and capital investment decisions.

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Reactor Design

ANSYS simulation tools enable refining and process engineers to answer what-if questions as they design and enhance refining and petrochemical reactors. Users can optimize reactor performance by better understanding the effects and impacts of feed locations, vessel geometries and internals, vibrations, failures, dead spots, shear rates, resident time distributions, hot spots, and particle size distributions.

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Heavy oil and oil sand upgrading equipment are energy intensive and create greenhouse gases. ANSYS solutions in combustion, reaction, and particulate systems are used to design and optimize crackers, and distillation and hydrocracker components; they are also used for pollution control and reduction studies. ANSYS structural mechanics solutions are used for plant equipment design, including analysis of pressure vessels, vibration, and fatigue.

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