Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment and Performance

Engineering simulation solutions are used to design hydraulic fracturing drilling and pressure pumping equipment. Simulation can also be used to design and optimize facilities and water recycle devices. There are also many environmental concerns, including how to reduce (1) the operational footprint at the drilling/production sites, (2) the amount of the fracking fluids and material used during the fracking process, and (3) emissions from the machinery. More specifically, ANSYS and its partners provide solutions related to optimizing fracking stages and overall well performances and related geomechanics concerns related to oil shale or shale gas formations.

Modeling multistage, multiphase rotating machines

Modeling multistage, multiphase rotating machines.

CFD simulation of proppant transport video

Animation showing results of CFD simulation of proppant transport in a modeled hydraulic fracture, (courtesy of ESSS)/