Front-End, High-Fidelity Flow Assurance Analysis

Flow assurance becomes especially challenging since it involves transient flow of three or four phases, unique pipeline layouts, boosting and processing equipment, inhospitable terrain, and hydrocarbons mixed with corrosive components.

Even so, most design and analysis tools remain correlation-based; they are often 1-D and have individual fluids, thermal and structural solutions that cannot address coupled physics.

Hydro slug video

Hydrodynamic-induced slugging in a flow assurance analysis using ANSYS Fluent.

The ANSYS unified simulation environment provides proven fluid and thermal flow analysis software applicable to a range of flow assurance problems. ANSYS Fluent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities can be extended to account for wax and hydrate formation, and for understanding fouling, erosion and corrosion. Engineers use our software to perform parametric analysis, conduct extensive design exploration (such as pipeline failure prevention investigations), and study electric heating.

Engineers and organizations that use ANSYS high-fidelity physics at the start of the analysis process have confidence that their field piping and equipment design will perform as promised under real-life conditions. Engineering simulation eliminates projects bottlenecks, reducing development time and enabling technology innovation. Used early in development, ANSYS tools reduce re-work and late-stage design, saving both time and costs.