Environmental Stewardship

Energy companies invest in technology and processes designed to reduce greenhouse gas emission, decrease water usage, and prevent leaks and spills. Engineering simulation is the tool of choice in developing extraction processes that use less water, chemicals and energy to mobilize hydrocarbons. A smaller operational footprint comes from using equipment that efficiently reduces greenhouse gases and pollutants, or at least captures and sequesters greenhouse gases and pollutants once they are formed.

Oil leak video 

Analysis of oil leak (in Red) subjected to (10M amplitude and 500M Wavelength) waves with no ocean current – spill shown over 2 kilometer range and at water depth of 110M.

ANSYS fluid dynamics technology readily addresses water usage in separator design and water recycling equipment. Leading companies leverage the tools to optimize produced-water management practices and develop equipment that optimizes the steam-to-oil ratio in SAGD processes.

ANSYS solutions for combustion, electrical heating and electromagnetics help evaluate in situ concepts for mobilizing hydrocarbons in unconventional and heavy oil reserves.

Reducing energy use, pollutants and leaks requires efficient heat transfer, combustion and emissions. ANSYS' comprehensive solutions in fluid dynamics, fluid-thermal and fluid-mechanical systems design enable engineers to rapidly develop robust equipment and strategies.

Environmental Stewardship