Efficient Oil and Gas Production

Because of the changing nature of oil and gas projects, technology innovation plays an important role in driving capital and operational efficiency. Advancements – such as equipment and processes that reduce time to first oil, construction costs, downtime and production bottlenecks – enable realization of intended operating margins.

Physics-based engineering simulation solutions are essential to efficient concept evaluation, design, and optimization of equipment, facilities and processes – for production optimization in conventional and unconventional resources, onshore or offshore. Engineering simulation software from ANSYS enhances product development processes for projects in heavy oil, oil shale, deep water, Arctic, pre-salt, shale gas, LNG and oil-sand; in existing and new projects; and revisiting mature and small reserves with enhanced oil recovery practices.

ANSYS technology focuses on multi-scale, multi-domain, multiphysics and system-level design. Leading companies use our software to evaluate multiple design considerations early in the project, reduce weight, explore accident and operation scenarios, evaluate technology, and perform parametric optimization – sometimes without building a prototype.

Oil & Gas Production