Since its inception more than 40 years ago, ANSYS has been developing simulation solutions that are well suited to address engineering and regulatory concerns and standards in the global nuclear industry. Today, solutions from ANSYS are applied across the entire engineering and design process of the nuclear power lifecycle: mining and processing, plant engineering and construction, fuel systems, thermo-hydraulic systems, balance of power, spent fuel disposal and regulatory compliance.

Specific applications for ANSYS engineering simulation software include CFD for nuclear reactor safety applications, structural mechanics for nuclear power design: seismic studies, design of reinforced concrete materials, piping and pressure vessels, welding processes, components, stress and fatigue analysis, containment, nuclear reactor safety, drop testing. Additional applications are CFD for nuclear applications such as boiling and heat transfer systems, steam generation spent-fuel processing. ANSYS SCADE is used for various aspects of instrumentation & control including reactor protection systems, human system interfaces and safety systems.

The ANSYS CFD for nuclear reactor safety application used are integrated environment along with structural mechanics for nuclear reactor design facilitates a common workflow. This is augmented with web-based engineering knowledge and data management solutions designed to address the special needs of nuclear engineers. Engineering simulation tools are used to perform explicit dynamic, linear and nonlinear structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, and electromagnetic studies.

To address the stringent quality requirements of the nuclear industry, ANSYS has well-documented development processes and verified software releases. The comprehensive, best-in-class software solutions comply with NQA-1 standards for developing software for the nuclear industry, including ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS CFX and ANSYS Mechanical.