Protecting and improving the quality of our environment requires innovative design solutions that meet the increasing demand for sustainable and green technologies — while complying with more-stringent government regulations aimed at reducing the overall carbon footprints. These issues as referred to environmental stewardship are significant to many engineers and companies for a variety of industries.

Engineers and companies in many fields work to understand and reduce the environmental impacts of producing and distributing energy in a number of ways: analyzing pollutants at their source, studying how they are dispersed, and developing new technologies that control and reduce the effects of these pollutants on both humans and the natural environment.

By significantly reducing the time and costs associated with this analysis, engineering simulation solutions from ANSYS have become the industry standard. The technology applies computational methods to evaluate new products and concepts, design new manufacturing and power generation products and processes, and create overall improvements that optimize energy outputs - all while minimizing environmental impacts.

Engineering simulation for environment stewardship from ANSYS enables energy engineers to build and analyze virtual models as well as investigate more design options and what-if scenarios than ever before. The added insight and understanding gained from these studies lead to reliable technologies that use resources more efficiently, reduce pollutants, and minimize effluents and other waste - without the need for oversizing and over specification.

Because ANSYS offers a full range of multiphysics capabilities, equipment designers and engineers can take a system-level approach to their environmental challenges, creating broad-based simulations that incorporate complex fluid mechanics with structural, thermal, electromagnetic and reaction physics.

Engineering simulation solutions in general and CFD for air pollution technologies and CFD for water and wastewater technologies from ANSYS are used to address environmental challenges in a number of industries, including, oil and gas water and wastewater, power generation, chemical and petrochemical processing, mining and material processing, and clean coal technologies such as gasification, carbon separation and sequestration. ANSYS solutions can aid in modeling and designing these and other environmental applications to help companies meet their sustainability and environment stewardship goals:

  • Air and water pollution control equipment
  • Filters, cyclones, bag collectors, separators and precipitators
  • Recycling and waste management systems
  • Spillways, rivers, estuaries and erosion control systems
  • Fish dams, storm weirs and flood control technologies
  • Chillers, scrubbers and spray towers
  • Exhaust plumes and pollutant dispersion systems
  • Waste reduction, treatment and incineration technologies
  • Effluent discharge systems and runoff in waterways