Simulation for Coal Fired Power Plants

Coal remains an integral part of the global energy mix, primarily for coal-fired thermal power plants used to generate electricity. There are environmental concerns and tightening regulations related to emissions produced from burning coal. However, coal producers and utility companies drive to modernize old plants and use advanced pollution control devices to reduce emission and capture greenhouse gases. Engineering simulation is helping technology development projects with the goal to transform coal into cleaner burning fuel.

For many years, engineers and designers in the coal industry have relied on engineering simulation for power generation technologies from ANSYS to make coal production systems and processes both cleaner and safer. ANSYS suite of software supports coal related applications by providing simulation for power generation technologies including— heat transfer and exchange, combustion, chemical reaction, emission control and reduction, CO2 separation and capture. The applications cover equipment for coal mining, development of mine ventilation and safety systems, burners and furnaces, steam generator, pollution reduction (including Sox, Nox & Mercury) and control systems, engineering SCR and SNCR systems, SO2 scrubber, gasification, coal to liquid, and chemical looping.