Safe, Long-Lasting Battery Design

The ANSYS comprehensive solution for safe, long-lasting battery design helps to ensure temperature uniformity throughout the battery pack, simulate long drive cycles efficiently and accurately, and evaluate mechanical and electrical abuse scenarios to ensure battery safety. Features include:

  • Cell electrochemistry simulation: accurately estimates heat source values and variation throughout a cell along with charge–discharge cell behavior
  • Fluid simulation: accurate coolant flow simulation
  • Reduced-order models: increase simulation speed one-thousand-fold
  • Structural simulation: durability; seamlessly coupled electromagnetic, thermal, structural simulation; NVH; mechanical abuse — crash, crush, nail penetration
  • Electromagnetic simulation: bus bar EMI–EMC
  • Equivalent circuit models: cells, modules and pack
  • Controller software: end-to-end tools for controller software development, validation and certified code generation
  • Simulation platform specifically engineered for exploring large design spaces

Multiphysics for battery design  

Comprehensive, seamless multiphysics for battery design augmented by design exploration and optimization technologies

ANSYS has participated in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Computer-Aided Engineering for Electric-Drive Vehicle Batteries (CAEBAT) program, which brings together leading researchers, battery developers, automakers, and other partners to create design tools that will reduce the cost and optimize the performance of electric vehicle batteries. To learn more about CAEBAT, visit the official project website.