Robust Power Electronics Design

Our comprehensive solution for robust power electronics design applies to inverters, converters, electric machines, related mechanical or hydraulic loads, sensors, semiconductors (for example, IGBTs switching at requested PWM frequencies), parasitic effects from circuit boards and cables, and control algorithms. The solution enables you to optimize design issues such as semiconductor loss and thermal performance during cycling, surge currents and voltages during switching, conducted and radiated emissions (EMI/EMC) due to increasingly higher switching frequencies, and electro–thermal–structural fatigue. Features include:

  • Component characterization: IGBT model generation of behavioral, average and/or dynamic models; electrical and thermal performance of switching semiconductor devices
  • Thermal modeling: thermal network of power electronic enclosure; reduced-order models from detailed finite element or CFD models
  • Parasitic extraction of impedances (R, L, C, G) of printed circuit boards, cables and bus bars
  • System coupling: detailed electromagnetic performance of transformers, inductors and electric machines into the system
  • Flexible platform: schematic view of entire simulation


Single phase of IGBT leg showing current density

Density on IGBT 

Current density on IGBT

Simulation of inverter

System simulation of inverter coupled with ANSYS Icepack thermal, electric machine and reduced-order models shaft