Robust, Efficient Transmission Development

ANSYS’s comprehensive solution for automotive transmission development includes in-depth fluids, structural, durability, NVH, fatigue, thermal, and electromagnetics capabilities. It enables thorough evaluation and optimization of chassis components under real-life loads, to ensure robustness and durability. Features include:

  • Multiphase Flow Analysis: Whatever the challenge with immiscible fluids (air/oil, etc.), ANSYS simulation technologies enable engineers and companies to improve transmission design performance by simulating complex physics such as transmission oil sloshing and lubrication.
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction: Fluid flow can exert pressure on solid objects that deforms them. The deformation, in turn, can impact the fluid flow around the object. Accurately capturing the interplay of these effects is key for the development of several transmission products.
  • Strength Analysis: ANSYS Structural Mechanics provides the most complete set of tools for strength analysis, from linear to highly nonlinear, for the most advanced modern engineering materials, and for all models from single parts to highly complex assemblies.
  • NVH: Study of vibrations is one of the cornerstone capabilities of ANSYS Structural Mechanics. ANSYS Mechanical provides a comprehensive set of tools to study shock, vibrations and noise across broad applications areas.
  • Durability and Fatigue analysis: ANSYS Structural Mechanics incorporates state-of-the-art, fully integrated solutions that simulate the fatigue life of products.
  • Motionanalysis: ANSYS Rigid Body Dynamics enhances the capabilities of ANSYS Mechanical for the design of rigid mechanisms through a fast-running solution
  • Shape Optimization: ANSYS provides comprehensive tools for shape optimization, whether via parametric design exploration, adjoint and gradient methods, morphing or topology optimization.

Simulation of oil sloshing

Simulation of oil sloshing in a differential case.