Robust, Efficient Traction Motor Design

The ANSYS comprehensive solution for robust, efficient traction motor design enables engineers to design motors for real-life operating conditions with a wide variety of loads and manufacturing variability. You can optimize design by simultaneously performing trade-offs among all design variables. As a result, engineers can reduce machine size and weight, reduce rare-earth content, increase machine efficiency, maintain efficiency and durability over a wide range of operating conditions and reduce machine noise. Features include:

  • Magnetics simulation: 2-D and 3-D FEA-based magnetics analysis, dynamic demagnetization, fault-tolerant simulation and high-performance computing with distributed solver for massively parallel computing
  • Structural simulation: durability; seamlessly coupled electromagnetic, thermal and structural simulation; NVH; rotor dynamics
  • Fluid simulation: accurate coolant flow simulation and seamless coupling between electromagnetic, thermal and fluid simulations

Multiphysics for motor design

Comprehensive, seamless multiphysics for motor design, including cosimulation with power electronics, augmented by design exploration and optimization technologies