To meet stringent environmental regulations and combat rising fuel costs, aerospace companies are embracing emissions reduction and sustainability.

With ANSYS simulation solutions, customers can design more fuel-efficient aircraft with improved engine performance, less weight and reduced drag.

As a result, customers can save billions of dollars in fuel and eliminate hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic emissions — with each 1% gain in efficiency.

  • Electric Aircraft Propulsion to Connect the World

    magniX is revolutionizing the short-haul aviation sector using Ansys multiphysics simulations to develop electric airplane motors to connect smaller communities to big cities.

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  • How to Design the World’s Fastest All-Electric Airplane

    Electroflight and YASA Limited are using Ansys Fluent to work on Rolls-Royce’s ACCEL Electrical Project, whose goal is to produce the world’s fastest all-electric airplane.

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  • Pushing the Boundaries of Efficiency

    Simulation stats show significant reductions in drag, weight and fuel burn.

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