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ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Platform Data Preparation Basics


This course explains how to prepare a scene in VRXPERIENCE: from the material application and lighting definition to the configurations creation.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Import your data

  • Apply lighting and materials to your scene

  • Create configurations and animations


  • The completion of ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Platform Overview.

Target Audience: Engineers and Designers

Teaching Method: Lectures only.

Learning Options: Training materials for this course are available with a ANSYS Learning Hub Subscription. If there is no active public schedule available, private training can be arranged. Please contact us.

ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Platform Data Preparation Basics Agenda SUBSCRIBE TODAY  

Topics Covered :

  • Project Organization

  • CAD Geometry Import

  • Lighting, Material, Camera definition

  • States & Configurations

  • Nodes and Pivot points

  • Animation Triggering

  • Curves Definition

  • Picture Capture and Recorder

  • Scenetree Import/Export

Agenda :

This is a half a day classroom course covering both lectures and workshops. For virtual training, this course is covered over 2 x 2-hour sessions lectures only.

Virtual Classroom Session 1 / Live Classroom Day 1

  • Module 01: Project Organization

  • Module 02: CAD Geometry Import

  • Workshop 02: CAD Geometry Import

  • Module 03: Lighting definition

  • Workshop 03: Lighting definition

  • Module 04: Material definition

  • Workshop 04: Material definition

  • Module 05: Camera definition

  • Workshop 05: Camera definition

Virtual Classroom Session 2 / Live Classroom Day 1

  • Module 06: Meshes Structure

  • Workshop 06: Meshes Structure

  • Module 07: States and Configurations

  • Workshop 07: States and Configurations

  • Module 08: Animation Triggering

  • Workshop 08: Animation Triggering

  • Module 09: Curves Definition

  • Workshop 09: Curves Definition

  • Module 10: Picture Capture and Recorder

  • Workshop 10: Recorder

  • Module 11: Scenetree Import/Export

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