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ANSYS Twin Builder Getting Started


The basic class training will teach how to use ANSYS Twin Builder to design, modeling, analysis and optimization of high-performance systems that can eventually be deployed as Digital Twins. Most common applications are found in the automotive, aerospace/defense, and industrial automation industries. This training will also introduce you to the Modelica standard and developing system models in Modelica.


  • There is no prerequisite for this course.

Target Audience: Engineers and Designers

Teaching Method: Lectures and computer practical sessions to validate acquired knowledge.

ANSYS Twin Builder Getting Started



Agenda :

This is a 3-day classroom course covering both lectures and workshops. For virtual training, this course is covered over 6 x 2-hour sessions lectures only.

Virtual Classroom Session 1 / Live Classroom Day 1

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: GUI
  • Workshop 2.1: Automotive Example
  • Workshop 2.2: Water Pumping System

Virtual Classroom Session 2 / Live Classroom Day 1

  • Module 3:Component Libraries
  • Workshop 3.1: Simple Motor Powertrain
  • Module 4: Simulation Execution and Post Processing
  • Workshop 4.1: Parameter Sweeping

 Virtual Classroom Session 3 / Live Classroom Day 2

  • Module 5: Feature Modelica
  • Workshop 5.1: Bouncing Ball Problem
  • Module 6: Feature Modelica IDE in Twin Builder
  • Workshop 6.1: Simple Drive Train with PID Controller

Virtual Classroom Session 4 / Live Classroom Day 2

  • Module 7: Building Modelica Models in Twin Builder
  • Workshop 7.1: Model of a Drive Train Power Dissipation
  • Module 8: Feature Building Modelica Customization in Twin Builder
  • Workshop 8.1: Modelica Coupling with CFD ROM

Virtual Classroom Session 5 / Live Classroom Day 3

  • Module 9: Feature FMI
  • Workshop 9.1: Import Export FMI in Twin Builder
  • Module 10: Feature ROM Introduction and Co-Simulation in Twin Builder
  • Workshop 10.1: Co-Simulation between Twin Builder and ANSYS Solvers

 Virtual Classroom Session 6 / Live Classroom Day 3

  • Module 11: ROM Interfaces
  • Workshop 11.1: Twin Builder ROM Interfaces
  • Module 12: ROM Builder
  • Module 13: Feature Rapid Prototyper
  • Workshop 13.1: Design a Graphical Panel for SCADE Suit
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