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ANSYS SCADE Tools and Solutions for EN-50128:2011 Standard


ANSYS provides production proven, model-based development solutions for critical systems and software engineers that reduce cost, risk, and time-to-certification. ANSYS SCADE products have been certified by TÜV SÜD for EN 50128 to SIL 3/4.

This course provides guidelines for initializing and managing an ANSYS SCADE Model-Based software project compliant with the EN 50128:2011 standard for Rail Transportation software development. You will learn how SCADE products meet the objectives of the standard.


  • Basic knowledge of EN 50128 standard (not mandatory).

Target Audience: Software Engineers / Project Managers / Safety Managers

Teaching Method: Lectures and computer practical sessions to validate acquired knowledge. A training certificate is provided to all attendees who complete the course.

ANSYS SCADE Tools and Solutions for EN-50128:2011


Agenda :

This is a 2 day classroom course covering both lectures and workshops. For virtual training, this course is covered over 6 x 2 hour sessions.

  • Virtual Classroom Session 1 / Live Classroom Day 1
    • Training introduction and SCADE products introduction
    • EN 5016/EN 50128 overview
    • Systems engineering according to EN 50126
  • Virtual Classroom Session 2 / Live Classroom Day 1
    • Software engineering according to EN 50128
  • Virtual Classroom Session 3 / Live Classroom Day 1
    • Software requirements
    • The SCADE Suite modeling style
    • Software Architecture
  • Virtual Classroom Session 4 / Live Classroom Day 2
    • Software Architecture
    • Component Design
  • Virtual Classroom Session 5 / Live Classroom Day 2
    • Testing Preparation
    • Component Coding
  • Virtual Classroom Session 6 / Live Classroom Day 3
    • Component Testing
    • Integration Testing & Overall Testing
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