Ansys Q3D Signal Integrity Getting Started


The Ansys Q3D SI (signal integrity) Getting Started course emphasizes the matrix reductions that are used for grounding nets, floating nets, and specifying return paths.  Designed for brand new users, this course covers Q3D workflow, solvers and solution setup, and capacitance and inductance matrix reduction.  This course does not cover any 3D modeling.  As Q3D runs in the Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT) environment, we recommend taking advantage of HFSS Getting Started self-paced course resources and videos for learning about AEDT, generating reports, and constructing 3D geometries.  The workshops are designed to be easy-to-follow and valuable for individual self-study.  

Learning Outcome

Following the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Assign boundaries and nets on Q3D simulation structures. 
  • Specify sources and sinks for Q3D simulations. 
  • Set up analyses and which of the three different Q3D solvers to choose. 
  • Set up frequency sweeps and plot their results over log frequency. 
  • Perform capacitance and inductance matrix reductions and interpret results.


  • Knowledge of lumped element electrical circuit theory, namely inductance and capacitance is essential. 
  • No prior electromagnetic (EM) simulation is required, but any prior experience with EM simulation or ANSYS Electronics Desktop is helpful.  
  • Knowledge of electromagnetics, including quasi-static analysis, is highly recommended.  

Target Audience: Electronic engineers working with signal integrity printed circuit boards and structures where quasi-static analysis is applicable

Teaching Method: Lecture slide files and hands-on simulation workshops build familiarity and productive skill in using Q3DA training certificate is issued on completion of the course.

Learning Options: Training materials for this course are available with a Ansys Learning Hub Subscription. If there is no active public schedule available, private training can be arranged. Please contact us.

Ansys Q3D Signal Integrity Getting Started


Topics Covered :


Agenda :

This is a 1-day instructor-led course with lecture and hands-on simulation workshops.  

  • Module 1 - Introduction 
    Lecture: Introduction to Q3D 
    Workshop 1.1: BGA Package  
  • Module 2 – Q3D Workflow  
    Lecture: Q3D Workflow and Simulation Setup Steps 
    Workshop 2.1: Metal Plates over Ground CG Solver  
    Workshop 2.2: Metal Bars Inductance  
    Workshop 2.3: Microstrip Traces and Circuit Export 

  • Module 3 - Solution Setup  
    Lecture: Q3D Solvers and Solution Setup 
    Workshop 3.1: Touchscreen Length Based Meshing 
    Workshop 3.2: CG Solve with Higher Accuracy 
    Workshop 3.3: Lossy Material Frequency Sweep 

  • Module 4 – Capacitance Matrix Reduction  
    Lecture: Capacitance Matrix Reduction 
    Workshop 4.1: CG Join Series Return Path Matrix Reduction 
    Workshop 4.2: Touchscreen Float Infinity Ground Net  

  • Module 5 – Inductance Matrix Reduction 
    Lecture: Inducatnce Matrix Reduction  
    Workshop 5.1: Parallel Microstrip Return Path 
    Workshop 5.2: Return Path and Ground Net Comparison 

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