Design Review

Design reviews are critical steps in building an effective product. However, for most organizations, this process isn’t easy. Team members are often reluctant to criticize their colleagues’ ideas, and ODM vendors can be unwilling to share design information. Overall, organizations often have a hard time completing an effective design review without sacrificing time, resources and funds.

Ansys eases the burden of this process by delivering design reviews monitored by neutral, third-party subject matter experts. We specialize in a reliability physics-based approach to design review and optimization, providing the input you need to develop products that meet customer expectations — on time and within budget.

Our experts have designed, manufactured, tested and provided root cause analysis support for electronic products and systems for over 30 years. This breadth of experience enables us to rapidly identify issues and provide you with specific and actionable feedback.

We offer unrivaled knowledge in a range of products, systems and applications, including:

  • Semiconductors.
  • Power and analog design.
  • Electronics manufacturing.
  • Batteries.
  • Displays.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Housing and enclosures.
  • Cabling and connectors.
  • Pneumatics and fluid flow.
  • Mechatronics.

Our evaluations are supported by industry best practices, fundamental manufacturing knowledge, simulation and modeling, and reliability physics analysis.

With Ansys’ design review services, you can create a product with fewer design revisions, resulting in faster time to market with less risk.

Case Study: Design Review

The client hired Ansys-DfR to perform a design review of the two motor speed drivers manufactured by their new supplier.

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