Wind and Tidal Stream Modelling Using ANSYS CFD - Webinar

The analysis of wind farm sites, "Wind Resource Assessment", has traditionally been carried out using simplified flow analyses implemented in special purpose software such as WasP. These methods can work very well for simple sites with relatively flat terrain. However, because of the need for greater accuracy and reliability, and the need to consider more challenging sites, e.g. with complex terrain, forestry or strong wake interactions, CFD is being increasingly used for Resource Assessment.

WindModeller has been developed by the Technical Services Team in the UK and is a vertical application based around ANSYS CFD to enable the analysis of potential wind farm sites. It has also been modified to enable the modelling of tidal stream farms in a similar fashion, leading to TideModeller. This webinar will describe:
- The technical challenges faced by the Wind and Tidal Energy Industries and benefits of CFD simulations. - An overview of the advanced CFD models in WindModeller to meet these challenges, including complex terrain, forestry, wakes and atmospheric stability. - The analysis of CFD results to provide the information required by the wind industry. - The extension of the methodology to tidal stream farms.
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