Will CFD Influence the Winner of the Tour de France - Webinar

The team time trial stage in the Tour de France, or any major race, is always impressive because of the speed of each team and the excellent coordination between the athletes. Victory in this stage requires a lot of training, proper team collaboration and balance between the strongest performers and the weakest ones. The cycling world has been paying attention to CFD for years to improve the aerodynamics of a single cyclist. Now, recent investigations led by Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have modeled the interactions between several cyclists with special attention to a full team during a team time trial. Very insightful conclusions were reached to help leading teams refine their tactics.

Attend this webinar to discover how engineering simulation and CFD are now increasingly being used in cycling, not just to improve the performances of the bicycles themselves but to help the athletes adjust their positions for optimal results. Learn how wind engineering and airflow studies using CFD have led to calls for adjusting the rules about trailing cars to ensure a fair race. As the performances of these amazing athletes converge, the race may someday be won in front of the computer. This webinar will review some recent progress in cycling and its immediate impacts on the Tour de France.
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