Virtual Prototyping in the Manufacture and Design of Plastic Packaging

The integration of ANSYS software in the Workbench environment allows many novel workflows to be defined which enable effective optimization, or Virtual Prototyping, of the product being developed. This webinar will highlight the application of this Virtual Prototyping approach to the optimization of plastic packaging, where it is particularly important for the designer to consider both the plastic manufacturing process and the structural performance considerations to achieve the greatest benefits to the end product. The most important benefit is in material reduction (and thus) cost savings but these should not compromise the structural integrity of the product. For example, a blow molded water bottle top load performance, or the impact resistance of a blow molded gas tank, can be directly affected by the blow molding process itself. Similarly, a plug assisted thermoformed cold drink cup side squeeze is also affected by the process variation and plug geometry. The Virtual Prototyping approach includes coupling of the manufacturing process (blow molding or thermoforming) directly to the final performance (top load, drop test etc.) simulation allowing for either open or closed loop optimization to obtain smart parts (minimum weight for desired design objective).

The webinar will describe the Virtual Prototyping approach and highlight the benefits through relevant practical examples where significant savings in weight and cost and/or performance improvements are realized. The examples will show simulation workflows exploiting a range of software, including ANSYS Polyflow, ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Autodyn.
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