Thermal Stress Analysis on IGBT Power System Design

The webinar describes the design flow of the thermal stress analysis on high-power IGBT package design. This analysis begins in Simplorer, the ANSYS system and circuit design package where through the design process one defines the schematic, components (including models), modules, connections and data to satisfy specified technical requirements. To elaborate a detailed design flow the reduced 3-D physics models obtained from the finite element analysis based on ANSYS Q3D, ANSYS Icepak and ANSYS Mechanical packages are employed into the circuit simulation topology. The final transient analysis of entire system simulation is performed in Simplorer. Based upon the Simplorer simulated output data the multiphysics coupling technology between ANSYS Maxwell3D transient simulation and ANSYS Mechanical package provides with the thermal stress analysis of the IGBT packaging.

In this webminar the attendees will learn:
• How the 3-D physics based models can be integrated into system design simulation
• Specific simulation design paths based on high power IGBT power system requirements.

Who should attend:
• Design engineers and analysts interested in high power packaging designs
• Electrical and mechanical design engineers interested to understand how a system simulation based on 3-D physics models might affect the 3-D component design criteria