Addressing Thermal Reliability of Electronic Devices Through Simulation


Extreme miniaturization is driving the decrease of set point voltages and the increase of current consumption of modern electronics. As the currents increase so do the heating effects of IR drop and their consequences to the PCB design. With the power trending in this way, the effects of IR drop from the system become more and more of a concern to the design engineer, both from a voltage margin standpoint and from a thermal standpoint.

Ansys simulations provide an unparalleled level of accuracy for PCB reliability by incorporating electrical and thermal effects into one, integrated solution. Join us for this webinar and learn from our experts how Ansys tools are helping design engineers to develop reliable electronics solutions.

The following topics will be covered:

  • ANSYS Icepak - an integrated cooling solution for electronic applications
  • Working with the Icepak library of solutions
  • Evaluation of PCB thermal performance


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