Part 2 - Introduction to Multiphase Models in ANSYS CFD

Multiphase flow modeling tools have truly become a wide-spread and mature technology to gain insights into the flow characteristics of a broad range of multiphase flows. A survey of trade journal articles and scholarly publications attests to the increasing impact of multiphase flow modeling in solving everyday design and engineering challenges.

This three part webinar series is an introduction to modeling multiphase flows with ANSYS CFD. Our aim in this series of webinars to equip a new user with sufficient knowledge to be successful in modeling multiphase flows.

Part 1 of this series covered an introduction to multiphase modeling with ANSYS CFD. Part 2 of this series deals with two of the most widely used multiphase models:
1. The discrete particle model that is used widely in modeling sprays, transport of particles and cyclones amongst others
2. The volume of fluid method that is used to model flows that are separated at macroscopic (resolved using a mesh) length scales such as slug flows, open channel flows.
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