Optimizing Thermal Design in Electrical Machines with Simulation - Webinar

When designing electrical machines, engineers need to do thermal modeling of varying complexity: from quick temperature distributions to detailed cooling. ANSYS 3D simulation tools can deliver robust results at any level of complexity. In the early stage of the design process, detailed CAD may not be available. In this case, ANSYS provides machine design tools that can be used to create an initial 3D geometry to evaluate initial design temperature results. This will help you to optimize your design early, before most costs are locked in. Alternatively, you can import detailed finalized mechanical CAD directly into the 3D tools in a complementary workflow. In either case, conjugate heat transfer (CHT) analysis can be performed on the 3D geometry using an all conformal poly mesh, with losses mapped from either 2D or 3D electromagnetics analysis. Temperature feedback from CHT to electromagnetics is also possible for improved accuracy.

Join us for this webinar to see two approaches, one for each workflow, which demonstrate the flexibility of using ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS Maxwell simulations to optimize the cooling of electric machines.
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