Modelling the Performance and Durability of Welds with ANSYS and nCode - Webinar

Understanding the performance and durability of welds is a key aspect of many engineering design processes. There are a number of different codes of practice EN, DNV, BS and ASME all of which give their own recommendations and methodologies for how welds should be modelled and assessed with the Finite Element Method, the choice of which is largely industry drive.

This webinar will summaries these various methods and give engineers an awareness of how these methods can be applied. This will cover geometry, meshing, result extraction and manipulation as well as correlation with experimental data using ANSYS tools.

This webinar will also introduce ANSYS nCode DesignLife from HBM that can perform the durability assessment of welded structures using one of two approaches depending on the application. For thin sheets the Volvo method is used in conjunction with shell element models and for thick sheet and/or 3D weld geometries the ASME through thickness stress linearisation approach is used in conjunction with solid element methods.

Please note - Due to a technical error sound does not appear until slide 9.
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