Modelling and Simulation of Direct Steam Injection for Tomato Concentrate Sterilization - Webinar

Tomato concentrate must be sterilized for safety in an energy-efficient way prior to packaging, but the sterilization must not compromise the quality — the flow, texture, and taste — of the product. Direct steam injection (DSI) is a process that is commonly used to sterilize viscous, fluid food products; however, the details of steam behavior and temperature distribution throughout the fluid have not been well understood.

Now researchers at the University of Parma, Italy, have used ANSYS CFD to make a multidimensional two-phase model of steam injection into tomato concentrate. In this presentation, you will learn how they modeled the tomato concentrate as a non-Newtonian pseudoplastic fluid, and used CFD to examine the effects of the different process parameters (sterilization temperature, steam flow rate, radial and axial temperature profiles, nozzle geometry) on the resulting product. Discover how they enhanced the performance of the DSI heat exchanger to obtain a more uniform temperature distribution during sterilization, resulting in a safer, more consistent, high-quality food product.
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